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Maldives, Club Med Kani, July 2015


Patrick and I got the chance to spend a week on a small little island in the middle of the Maldives, where the sand is as white as snow, and the water is the bluest I have ever seen.

We surfed for 4 hours every day in perfect empty waves, dived for hours amongst turtles and walked around our little island of paradise.

Patrick captured some moments on his T2 and the Go Pro did some damage under water.

Here are a couple of our memories...


Our set up for the week, you can tell why I could not wipe the smile off of my face. Wearing 'Her the label' bikini and vintage scarf from Bali.


Every morning we had breakfast on the terrace, while baby reef sharks swam by. They are so tiny and lively. How amazing!


Our little island. Wearing 'Spell Byron Bay'.


What we woke up to every day. This little perfect right. We surfed every by ourselves, with dolphins, turtles, and trigger fishes. My ultimate dream!


Paddling across the reef, in the bluest water I have ever seen. Mind blown. Wearing 'Abysse' Jenna in Black.


First wave out! Stoked!


You can never get tired of this view...


Shaka Brah! These are photos from a little water proof camera that I carried around everywhere for 3 days.


Wearing 'Abysse' Jenna Bikini in black.


Dock Life! Wearing 'Abysse' Jenna Bikini in black.


Happy face in the ocean!


The first day, we swam on the ledge of a reef pass, into the blue, and spotted a school of Napolean fishes as big as myself! It was such a sureal moment, the feeling of being immersed in nature, something so rare and beautiful.






Sandy bum. Wearing 'Her the label'.


Surfing on my favorite Twin Fin by Dead Kooks.


Like a fish in the sea... Wearing 'Abysse' Jenna Bikini in black.


Catch of the day!


Before heading on a secret dive across the reef, on a 15 feet deep ledge.


Morning surf check. Wearing Levis shorts and Brandy melville Shirt.


We ran around the island all day. Wearing Rue Stiic Swim.




GO DIVE IN! Wearing T shirt from my collaboration with Alterior Motif Hanalei X AM and 'Abysse' Jenna Silver.

Never want to leave. Wearing 'Abysse' Jenna Bikini in black.


Backside for life! Wearing 'Abysse' Jenna Bikini in Stingray.

A little video of our trip is coming your way, so stay tuned!


Hanalei x