Alice Arutkin, Waterwomen, Windsurfer and beautiful soul gives us a little insight in her passionate world of chasing waves and pushing her limits.


We love her for being a pioner her of her sports and always having a beautiful smile on her face.


How did you fall in love with the ocean? Who put you on your first board?
I was born in the city, 2 hours from the sea. Almost every weekend my parents were taking my brothers and me to the beach. Since very young I was swimming, body boarding, surfing ... My parents decided to move closer to the sea to be sure that we will be able to go in the Water every day after school. My dad teached me how to windsurf at home (Wissant) with my brothers. I fell in love straight away with that sport and the feeling of riding waves and since that I have never stopped.
-It seems like the ocean runs in your blood, as your brother is as well an accomplished athlete both in stand up paddle and wind surf. Do you love sharing this particular bond with your family?
I learned all the Water sports (surf, windsurf, stand up paddle ...) with my dad and my brothers. I had the chance that my little brother choose the same way of Life as me. My brother is traveling almost all year with me and it´s a great privilege. We are really close and we both taking care of each other. I'm glad to have him.
The ocean runs in our blood. We are sharing the same passion and we actually have the chance to be able to live on it.
What was the defining moment that transformed your life from a lover of the sport to a pro athlete?
I started windsurfing at 10 and competing at 13 years old. I never really like to study and spend my time at school. I always felt better In the ocean. When iIgot my first Senior french title, I was 15, and I knew That I could try to start a pro Career. At 16 year old I decided to start competing on the world cup and I started to miss school for that.
Anyway I ended  school with success to spend my all Time focusing straight away on my competitions, trips and projects.
We both idolize Jenna de Rosnay for everything she stands for, from her feminism spirit to her determination in sport. Who else has influenced you in your journey?
Jenna De Rosnay has always Been my idol is the perfect combination of the sublime woman and the confirmed athlete. I think it´s very important to Keep this 2 facets of personality. It only can serve you as an other advantage. To show That a pretty woman can be an incredible athlete who Knows How to push her limits In extreme sports as Windsurfing. I don't have many icons but I definitely try to get the Best of each person to influence my Life. It could be by any one who makes me feel that She (he) is q good person with good values and q lot of respect for the people and the planet. It can be my Best friend to someone very Famous to any one for good things.

Windsurfing is a male dominant sport but is growing to be more and more loved by the girls. What feeling does it procure you to be an icon for the future generation of women?
It´s true That Windsurfing is a male dominant sport as a lot of extreme sports are. But it doesn't mean That girls don't like it. It´s usually a longer and harder learning Time. You constantly need to push your Own limits, your Own fears, you can't be afraid of the Risk of hurting yourself and get bruises. There may be less girls than boys In these sports, but we Bring an aesthetic dimension and our Own style That is different from Guys.
I organised with my sponsors the Redbull windsurf camp at home with 30 young girls who were already Windsurfing, some of them were starting competition, and I can say that they were not afraid about anything and ready to Ride!
I don't Know if I will be an icon for the future generation of woman, but I would be very Happy if I could show a beautiful image of woman and if I could give the envy to other girls to practice windsurfing. 

Sharing my love of the ocean is all I Want .. Abysse girl :)