Moorea Coral Gardeners



Has your mind ever been blown away?

The first time I experienced this true Utopia was while diving in the crystal clear lagoon of my island home, Tahiti. As soon as I opened my eyes under water, all I could see was an infinite amount of life, fishes with a thousand colors roaming the ocean, turtles swaying in the swell, dolphins playing in their natural habitats, little tiny starfishes and sea urchins populating the ocean floor, and below all that: a sea bed full of coral. 

The coral reef set around islands is one of the most magnificent sight one could ever stumble upon; it creates life for every living creature in its surrounding; it creates amazing barrier reef where perfect waves crash upon them. More specifically, coral reef are the lungs of the ocean, like the trees are on dry land, as they produce two third of the oxygen created under water and constitute the foundation and balance of aquatic life.



But guess what? No big surprise: Our corals are dying. Like most species, impacted by human life and global warming, the reef around the planet is slowly getting bleached, and loosing life: 20% of the world coral reefs are dead30% are already condemnedAll the remaining ones are called to disappear in the years to come.

 If nothing is done, the scientists predict that by 2050 there will be no more corals on earth, thus no no more sea life.


Sometimes, in the face of adversity, a young warrior will arise. In this case, my really good friend Titouan Bernicot and his friends took it upon themselves to help our reefs regenerate and created the Moorea Coral Gardeners. 


They found a solution to our dying coral.

Through a lot of research and dedication, they found and contacted Dr Thomas Goreau, inventor and director of the Biorock Technology Inc, and president of the Global Coral reef Alliance. Dr Goreau's technology is able to re built a reef using through a lot voltage of electricity:

"To build a Biorock reef, an electrically conductive frame, usually made from readily available construction grade rebar or wire mesh, is welded together, submerged and anchored to the sea bottom.  A low voltage direct current is then applied. This initiates an electrolytic reaction causing mineral crystals naturally found in seawater, mainly calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, to grow on the structure."

The Biorock method produces mineral accretion which in turn allows the coral to grow at a much faster rate than normal. Moreover, only reefs made of mineral accretion can provide permanent, cost-effective protection capable of keeping pace with rising global sea levels.

For more information about the Biorock Method and just to get informed please check out out: Global Coral

Our 'Moorea Coral Gardeners' took it upon themselves to collect corals that had been broken by various storms and boats in the area and built a structure conformed with the Biorock Technology. 

Just like that, a handful of teenagers with a big heart for their eco-system and determination started to change the reefs around their island. 

After raising money, They now have the determination to re-plant a majority of corals at different locations around several of the Polynesian islands, and moreover to educate people around them, and the younger generations.


Big thank you to Titouan and Ioane Bernicot which are the founders of Moorea Coral Gardeners, for their dedeciation to our ocean, for wanting to do something better and for inspiring future generations to preserve our mother Nature.

Below are some photos of Abysse Ambassador Amanda, wearing our Lotte Stingray springsuit, helping the MCG re planting some coral on the beautiful island of Moorea ( wearing the Lotte Stingray) Photos credit Galen Neil.