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Every step takes you to a special journey, ours is built by following our path and intuition. Here at Abysse, we set out to empower women and create designs that are timeless & chic; functional and fashionable. I believe that by sticking core to that DNA, Abysse's true power shines through. 

This DNA is why Nixon approached us to create an amazing collection of 4 watches with them; and all my wildest dreams came true. Watches are very special to me, they remind me of heritage, of art, of my grandpa, and more than anything of time. Time is ever present, ticking away; a great reminder to be present in the moment when sometimes we are somewhere else in our mind. Today will only happen once, let's make it purposeful, even if that purpose is watching a sunset.

I felt really strongly about Nixon and Abysse trying to achieve the same goal. Deliver purpose, function and style to its buyer. Both of our aims for our customers are very similar, especially both brands aim to achieve high functionality in and out of the water, and the collaboration just felt right. Nixon and Abysse became best friends.

We set out to design 4 watches that reflected Abysse's DNA. A lot of my inspirations came from old diving watches, men's watches and vintage aesthetics. The tomboy at heart in me is always drawn to men's fashion. I have always loved big watches on women, and I wanted to give them a feminine touch that would transcend time.

All our watches are made to be worn in the ocean. You can dive, swim, surf in them, explore the world... as they are made for durability in the elements. The little yellow touches are an ode to the old diving codes & suits that I absolutely adore, & it felt very true to coordinate our color ways with our current Abysse collection. Its androgen twist is something else I love. Gender should not define what you wear.


This collection feels right and makes my heart happy. I hope you love it as much as I had fun designing it.