- What draws you to the ocean?

The ocean is where all the great magic and beauty of our planet originates. I feel completely at home and at peace on its sandy shores and have an immense amount of gratitude to be so close to such a life giving force. 

- Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your aspirations and inspirations, your goals and dreams?

My name is Elizabeth and I am the founder of the women's body positive surfing movement, Curvy Surfer Girl. My dreams and aspirations are ever evolving but at my core I want to create opportunities for women to feel celebrated, experience joy, friendship, and confidence in ocean spaces. I want to invite companies that are passionate about this to join me in creating products, services, and opportunities especially regarding media diversity and body diversity. 

- We believe that positivity is a state of mind that needs to be cultured and nurtured.You are a very happy spirit, and radiate everywhere you go. What makes you wake up every day with a smile?

I have always been a naturally happy and positive person since I was a young child and I've also experienced significant pain and depression throughout my life. However, one thing I've learned is to truly follow your bliss. When you're in spaces and surrounded by amazing people this environment allows you to shine and simply be yourself which leads to a joyful and happy life even in life's most challenging times. 

- You are at the forefront of the of rise of body positivity in the ocean and surf world. What has empowered you to step in your own light? 

There is no doubt the community and my immediate friends and family have allowed me to be the woman and leader I am today. The CSG online community is undoubtedly second to none with nearly 80k women leveraging our collective voice for change and inclusion within ocean spaces and surfing. Leading this movement is the greatest honor and joy of my entire life and women from all around the world have created such an incredible infrastructure for me to tackle the biggest issues facing our community.  

- We know that you had a very intense ocean experience before you started surfing. How did you surpass your fear, and turned that into something you deeply love?

My surf instructor and surfing has been the foundation of my rehabilitation since my near drowning experience when I was 14. I am immensely grateful for those that have demonstrated significant compassion and patience throughout my surfing journey and because of them and everything they've taught me my relationship with the ocean is filled with joy, adventure, and healing.  

- What does sustainable mean to you?

My personal belief of sustainability especially in regard to products is quality. Quality ensures that whatever we purchase we will keep and cherish for many years, preventing cycles of production and waste associated with fast fashion and other manufacturing industries. I wholeheartedly believe purchasing quality products in every area of our life that we reuse and enjoy time and time again improves our own lives and the natural environment. 
Elizabeth wears our Solar Collection in size XL
All Photos by Emily Choi