The sunscreen that millions of beach goers lather on for protection is silently killing coral reefs around the world.

A new study finds that 90% of reefs in the Caribbean have disappeared since 1980, according to ecotoxicologist Craig Downs.

Have you ever gone for a swim in the ocean and noticed a swirling, shiny film on top of the water?

Turns out the oil residue that comes off of sunscreen contains an active ingredient known as oxybenzone that is harmful to ocean life. Oxybenzone damages coral dna which results in corals to “look healthy, but they’re actually dead and cannot reproduce,” said Downs. “And once those reefs die, they cannot grow back. They’re just crumbling to dust.”

Abysse is a brand with a purpose: to give back to the ocean and its habitants. At Abysse, we hold the ocean close to our hearts. That’s why we focus on creating sustainable products made from eco-friendly sources. We’ve also partnered with different charities benefitting mother Earth. One of which is a rad team of scientists who focus on world-wide oceanic and environmental issues called ‘sirens for the sea’.

Which is why we believe that it’s important to use ‘reef safe’ biodegradable sunscreens, that don’t contain oxybenzone, so we can stay protected from sun damage while protecting the oceans we care so much about.