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Ghost Fishing Nets are given new life through fabric & we sue it to make our products. Bad ass.

Ghost fishing nets are the silent killers of the ocean.

What is a ghost fishing net? Ghost fishing refers to lost or abandoned fishing gear, also called derelict fishing gear (DFG), that continues to capture fish and other marine animals after the gear is no longer under the control of a fisherman (Smolowitz, Corps, and Center, 1978).

Every year, thousands of fishing nets are discarded in the ocean. These are the invisible killers of our marine life. In fact, the impact of these silent killers are way greater that you could imagine, as they continue harming the marine life even after it is broken, discarded or lost in the ocean. Over the course of its lifespan, a piece of DFG may kill large numbers of commercially valuable or threatened species (Laist, 1987).

Animals are trapped and suffocated by the ghosts fishing nets, their habitat is destroyed and even the reef is impacted.


We are very proud to be working with such an amazing and ethical company and using fabric that recycle ghost fishing nets and gives them new life through fabric.

As the CEO of the company pointed:

“What we do is not simply recycling — which is a noble practice,” we view it as more of a rebirth: we take that waste which otherwise has no value and transform it into a new raw material.”

And the end result is a material, that has a stark difference from the recycled clothing made from recycled PET bottles that has long been on that market. While PET bottles churned into fleece is a better option than sending those same bottles to a landfill, as of now there is a technical problem with those garments: Once the consumer no longer wants that jacket or shirt, it cannot be recycled. But Nylon 6 spun from caprolactam can be reprocessed again and again, allowing for more of a closed loop system. Hence she prefers the term “regeneration” for what company does over “recycling.”

So here at Abysse HQ we are proud to have products that do not harm the ocean and its environment.

Pretty Bad Ass isn't it?

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