Brooke Dombroski, photographer and sea mermaid at Brooklyn Hawaii www.brooklynhawaii.com

Brooke is a ray of sunshine. Her energy is addicting and her positive spirits shine through every cell of her body, with a smile constantly on her face and a sparkle for adventure in her eyes. She is an island girl at heart, which means spending more time in the ocean than on land, dancing on waves and swimming with sea creatures.Roaming the world in search of waves her thirst of adventure is never fulfilled. She is one of the dearest person to my heart... Shine on Sis!

All photos by Brooklyn Hawaii

- How did you fall in love with the ocean? 

I think it was pretty inevitable that I’d fall in love with the ocean – I am the daughter of a waterman and North Shore lifeguard, and I call an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean home. Learning to surf, swim, and partake in water activities is necessary to keep up here.


- What impact has it had on your life and who you are today?

My love for the ocean and the overall beach lifestyle that comes with Hawaii has completely shaped me into who I am today. It has influenced my aesthetic as an artist and photographer, taught me countless life lessons, and is at the center of my life today.


- Growing up on Hawaii, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the surf culture is all around. What and who introduced you to this amazing lifestyle?

My parents definitely introduced me to life on the beach. Whatever that looked like on a given day: watching my dad play beach volleyball, swimming all day in the crystal clear water, family barbecues. Surfing definitely played more into that lifestyle as I was old enough to get around myself and go surfing with friends. Ever since then, I was hooked.


- You are an artist, as much on the waves as behind the lens. What inspired you to become a photographer? How do those two passions co-exist in your world?

I began shooting photos at a very young age. By eleven, I was shooting my own rolls of film, documenting whatever came my way. I like to believe it was already in my DNA. As I found my passion for the ocean, it was only natural that the two worlds would collide in a beautiful way I couldn’t have planned any better.


- We know that you swim with sharks and big animals on the regular. What kind of feeling does this rush of adrenaline provides you? How do you manage emotions of fear and excitement when beneath the surface with these mystical creatures?

Conquering fears on a daily basis is very important to me because fear causes you to miss out on great things. Swimming with sea creatures is mesmerizing, and I’m so thankful that I could overcome my fears because it is now one of my favorite things in the world!


- What kind of action would you want the world to take in order to leave our kids with an ocean as beautiful as we have the opportunity to experience?
To me, it is always about doing little things to do your part. If we’d all continue to pack our trash, and leave only footprints at the beach, I’m sure that our children will continue to enjoy the same beautiful beaches we do.


Fun Facts

Earliest memory in the ocean – Floating in my baby tube with my mum and dad at Waimea Bay.

Dimensions of favorite shredder board – 9’1” Longboard

Bar of Wax – Sticky Bumps

Ultimate camera – Disposable Water Cameras

Drink of choice – H20 … or coffee …

Your spirit sea animal – Dolphin

Favorite dance moves – Wiggles on waves

Most awkward experience – Too many to mention, constantly awkward!