If our ocean dies, we die.


Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our busy day to day lives. Everyday we wake up we have the power to make change. We have this beautiful thing called our voice. It has the ability to inspire, empower and create significant change in peoples’ lives, but most importantly it can serve as the voice for the voiceless. Our planet is in trouble and it is time for us to address these troubles. Lets ask ourselves, what is my impact on the planet? What legacy am I leaving behind for lives that have yet to be born and explore?

If you are reading this I am sure it is safe to say you are an ocean lover, so are we! It isn’t enough to just play in our beautiful seas, we must protect them too. Our oceans around the globe are becoming extremely degraded. Studies show that our day to day human activities have massively negative impacts on our seas. Today these fragile ocean ecosystems are not at their natural state. We must use our voice to help save our favorite place to explore and exist in. It may seem like a daunting task, one that can make an individual overwhelmed… but we are here to help get you involved!

First step to make a change you might ask? Become informed! Know what threats are harming our beautiful waters and acknowledge that fire in your belly which ignites when you become informed and want to then stop these injustices from occurring. Whether it is a big island of trash that ignites your fire or the acidification of our spectacular coral reefs or maybe even unsustainable fishing, we will address all these issues here on our blog and more.

Second… after becoming informed we want YOU to get involved! We want to link you to some of our favorite organizations and we want to present you with projects you can do for your community locally. There is no better way to thank our ocean for its unconditional love than to help protect it by getting hands on involved.

Third… lets use our voice together to create a chain of change. Nowadays we have all these forums to get creative on and voice our passions. Lets get people involved, even those that may not be in love with our seas… because after all if our ocean dies, we die. It is one big circle of life and without our ocean we would cease to exist!

We want to know you! Send us what you do locally to help your coast so we can use our blog as middle ground to help others do the amazing things you do at home. Join us on our sweet journey of making significant change… Lets show our seas our love together!




PS: We would love to feature your local projects & stories, so send them on over!

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