Martinique Journal, through the lenses of a very old Polaroid camera.


Last April, Patrick and I flew over to the Caribbean and landed on the beautiful island of Martinique, a french territory, in quest of some waves, warm water and a good time.

As always when I land on a tiny island, I felt at home. Especially because I could speak my native language: French. I was so happy to be surrounded by such beauty and to discover a place I had never been too. We were blown away by the deep roots of culture that surrounds Martinique, a little island with so much history. The people's bright smiles and simple lifestyles were present at every corner along the windy road around the island. The landscape was hilly, from white sand to black, from crystal blue Caribbean water on the West to deep ocean to the East...


Patrick had borrowed a really old Polaroid and decided to document our journey.

We had such a blast playing with old film.


This is the little village of Tartane, where we spent most of our time, mainly because it is where most of the waves are. We rented a little room in a hostel over looking this beautiful bay, where fishermen parked their boats to rest.


Our first surf in the Caribbean. I was so STOKED to be able to wear a bikini in the ocean. I felt so free. Waves were breaking right and left on a soft coral reef. The dream. Wearing the Dawn and Dara Set in Stingray available in June.


My turn to try out the lenses! Patrick after a surf session.


On our way to many adventures, we found this rad cactus garden. It looked like we were in the middle of the desert, although we were surrounded by a million banana trees! Wearing the Dawn and Dara set in Black, available in June.


On a random day, we decided to drive through the heart of the island and surf the north west breaks. Of course, we got lost, took the wrong turns, and ended up driving a long tiny windy road that ended being a dead end. No surf for us but we did discover the amazing jungle that consisted of more than one half of the island. Patrick snapped this amazing photo to commemorate that instant. It is my favorite, beauty all around.


Side of the road Portrait.


Our sweet friends. I took this photo on the side of the street, it makes my heart smile.


Another after session snap. All we did was surf.... I loved it. I ended up breaking this board in two on my last waves of the trip. After I took an amazing left, a monstrous set closed the line-up, and of course my little arms were not strong enough to duck dive. We had a good run! That last left was so worth it! Wearing the Kira bottom and Dawn Top in stingray, available in June.


More amazing walls & Portrait of my handsome man.


Anse Dufour. This photo does not do justice of the beauty of this place. This little beach has white sand, whereas her sister right around the corner has black sand. So cool. We spent the afternoon swimming in the clear sea, looking for turtles and admiring the beauty of the world. Wearing the Dawn and Dara set in Ocean, available in June



My favorite plant ever.


Yes you get it, Portrait = Rad wall.


We kept driving by this sweet vintage car. Pat decided to stop and capture the moment. Wearing the Kira bottom and Dawn Top in stingray, available in June.


View From our Balcony.


Moments before jumping on the plane, between the rush of driving, packing, being late, one last Polaroid was taken in front of my favorite shack. Wearing the Oso pants in Black, available in June


Thank you Martinique, we will be back!