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The first collection of Abysse was inspired by my island home Tahiti, and its surroundings. The prints reflect the perfect balance between the ocean and its inhabitants.

The sharks of Abysse are black tip reef sharks found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in French Polynesia, on the shores of Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti. They roam the lagoon freely, swimming majestically in crystal blue water, exploring their environment; keeping the equilibrium of our Eco system at a perfect balance. They are not harmful, only curious. You can spot them gliding in shallow water, inshore waters and its exposed fin dorsal is a common sight for local people.

The stingray skin graphic was derived from the most majestic animal of the ocean, the rays. Their specific epithet fai means "stingray" in the native language of Tahiti. Rays have a diamond shaped pectoral fin and a very long dart that can be dangerous. They swim as if they were birds flying in the sky, filling the Pacific Ocean with their grace delighting anyone with their sight. Their skin looks like leather, but when you touch them, it turns into a soft velvet.