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Abysse wetsuits are exclusively made from Japanese Limestone Based Neoprene.

For over 40 years Japanese Neoprene has set the standard for quality and innovation in the neoprene industry. Their advanced manufacturing techniques involving the use of special polymers made from limestone (as opposed to petroleum based) have led to the creation of a rubber called limestone based neoprene. Limestone based neoprene is the best eco-friendly option of the 21st Century in terms of wetsuit material.

Limestone based neoprene has superior qualities than normal neoprene, such as ultra low resistance, superior mold ability and enhanced comfort, high heat retention, lightweight and high durability.

The specially processed coating of limestone based neoprene results in a micellar surface that repels water when in contact with air and exhibits hydrophilic properties when underwater. This unique dual functionality results in an astounding resistance coefficient.

The limestone based neoprene provides enhanced comfort and further reduces water resistance while also allowing for an unprecedented range of movement while swimming or diving. The expansion ratio of the materials is 7 times greater than that of conventional wetsuit materials and the difference is apparent even before you get in the water through the ease in wearing the suit.

Due to the superior heat retention, the body is kept warmer, decreasing body fatigue and improving performance. Moreover, limestone based neoprene boasts heat retention properties that are 40% greater than conventional neoprene wetsuits.’

Due to the water-repellant properties, the limestone based neoprene do not absorb water, avoiding the extra weight of waterlogged suits that can hold swimmers, surfers and divers back and force them to expel precious additional energy. Moreover, its superior heat retention properties enable the construction of a thinner neoprene rubber layer further reducing the weight of the wetsuit and enhancing the performance of the athlete.

Lastly, limestone based neoprene is extremely durable and resistant to abrasions, allowing for a longer product life as well as enhanced performance throughout the product life.